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Dan Moore - National Parks Artist

Dan Moore has turned his life-long love of visiting the National Parks and passion for sharing his experiences into an award-winning collection of photographs.

Coming from a family that traveled, Dan was exposed to the National Parks from an early age. After attending the University of Wisconsin–Green Bay for design and two-dimensional art, Dan began to combine his love for the National Parks with his growing interest in photography. He would soon mold his photographic vision into the four-word philosophy that guides his work today:

Be There, Be Clear. 


This phrase is the mantra guiding Dan's photography. "Being there" means getting to the best location at the time when the light is optimal. It means exploring the scene and finding the right spot to get the perfect point-of-view. It’s about getting the camera where it needs to be, when it needs to be there, to achieve the best possible clarity of vision.  


"Being clear" informs everything Dan does once he's found the ideal place and time. It means composing the image so that the subject is highlighted and distractions are minimized. It means getting the exposure correct so that the right details are brought out of the image. It means using appropriate post-processing techniques to refine the image and enhance the subject. 


Be there, be clear means capturing a window into that feeling of being in our National Parks, and sharing that feeling with those who view Dan's photography. 


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