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National Parks Photography

From dramatic landscapes to solemn historic sites, the National Parks captivate and inspire. These treasures protect our most important natural and cultural assets and allow us to experience first hand so much of what makes America unique.

Sharing these experiences is Parks Artist Dan Moore's passion. Whether hiking through the sublime wonders of mountains and canyons, gazing off of the shores of the continent, or feeling the peace and majesty of tress and waterfalls, Dan's award-winning photography captures windows into the National Parks that are the next-best thing to being there.

TEDx Talk

Watch my TEDx talk:
National Parks: Searching for the Sublime featuring my photography and original poetry. You can also find my talk here on the TED website.

"My favorite National Park is whichever one I'm in."


So often I'm asked which National Park is my favorite. It's really an impossible question to answer as I love them all. The beauty of the Parks is in the diversity of what they preserve and the experiences they offer. Whenever I'm exploring any of the Parks and making photographs of them to share, I'm overwhelmed by the feeling that I'm exactly where I'm meant to be.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website, view my National Parks photos, and to share these special places with me.  After all, what makes the Parks "America's Best Idea" is they they are all of ours to share.

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